Audiovisual productions


On the occasion of the PAPJAZZ 15th edition, the Haiti Jazz Foundation wanted to mark its attachment to one of its main objectives “to promote Creole jazz” in order to give this musical style a further chance, establish as exportable music, like Latin jazz. To do so, we implemented, with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Haiti, an artistic residency bringing together 6 Creole artists fervent defenders of Creole jazz for an original creation that was presented at the PAPJAZZ closing evening.

This residency has been documented by interviews and recordings of their working sessions to produce a short documentary (12mn), embellished with excerpts from the restitution concert, produced by Thomas Noreille, a Swiss videographer living in Haiti.

Creole jazz is jazz that blends with the traditional music of Creole countries. It is practiced among others in Reunion, Mauritius, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, the countries of the Caribbean and of course in Haiti and in its diaspora. Its strength is precisely the combination of jazz – universal music, and Creole, a multiple and infinitely rich cultural heritage.

For this project, which is intended to be a first in a long line, the Haiti Jazz Foundation brings together artists from Guadeloupe, Haiti (local and diaspora) and La Reunion:

Malika Tirolien, singer, producer, songwriter, Guadeloupe nominated for the grammy awards, she has collaborated with Snarky Puppy, Jacob Collier, Alain Jean-Marie, and Jacques Schwarz-Bart.

Olivier Ker Ourio, a brilliant composer from La Reunion, recognized as one of the best chromatic jazz harmonica players on the planet.

Christophe Maillard, guitarist and pianist, singer-songwriter and arranger from Guadeloupe known for his work of merging ka rhythm with current musical trends.

Harvel Nakundi, a prolific Congolese jazz drummer of Haitian origin, Harvel is increasing its collaborations with leading artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Emeline Michel, Nicole Henry, Terence Blanchard, James Moody.

Mushy Widmaier is, against all odds, self-taught. The major characteristic of his style is his ability to create moods and the elaboration of a unique genre of kreyol jazz. The serenity and maturity acquired in the composition of the albums “kote’ou” and “my world” have allowed him to extend his musical language. Mushy is one of the best jazz pianists in the Caribbean.

Gérald Kébreau, passionate bassist, became known to the public as a member of the successful konpa group t-vice with which he worked for 16 years. Today his playing mixing jazz, Latin and konpa allows him to multiply collaborations and to perform on numerous stages in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.

AGORA (2020-2021)

“AGORA, Chita Pale sou Dwa Moun” is a series of meetings to discuss the human rights situation in Haiti. During each of the selected international days, human rights actors concerned by these subjects are invited to discuss on the panel. The series are broadcasted on social networks and the YouTube channel of the Delegation of the European Union in Haiti. The production of 12 programs was carried out by the Fondation Haiti Jazz.


Production of an event filmed and broadcast in livestreaming on social media for the 6th FinTech Haiti Summit.


To celebrate the month of Konpa, the Haiti Jazz Foundation produced, at the request of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, an event filmed to honor the stars of the konpa. The evening was animated by musicians, dancers, animators and filmed, then broadcasted on television and on social networks on July 27, 2021. 

LES metiers de la musique (2015)

As part of the “The book, the live, the web” project funded by the European Union through PESIC, the Haiti Jazz Foundation produced a 30-minutes e-learning training video in Creole on the different music professions.