Through the REZO (Network for creole creative industries) and its contacts within the entertainment and media sectors in the Caribbean, Canada, the US and Europe, the Haiti Jazz Foundation connects, whenever an opportunity arises, Haitian musicians to its network (festivals, media interviews, music markets, etc.), as such, singer Darline Desca participated to the “All for one” Caribbean music contest and TV show in Martinique, signer BelO participated in the primetime French national TV program Michel Drucker, Trumpet player Maxime Lafaille took part in the “Mago con Aroz” cultural Cuba Festival, Musicians Joel & Mushy Widmaier performed at the Ilot Jazz Festival in Guadeloupe, through a collaboration between various jazz festivals in the Caribbean part of the REZO, a multi island musicians band “Wespè pou Ayiti” Ste Lucia initiated project by Richard Payne, was programed at the PAPJAZZ festival.