In response to a call for proposal launched by Fondation de France via Fil Culture, the Haiti Jazz Foundation proposed the creation of a comprehensive musical archive in collaboration with the Association of Haitian Music Professionals, Ayiti Mizik. Together, the Jazz Foundation and Ayiti Mizik have recorded filmed interviews of 26 Haitian music icons located in Haiti but also in Miami and Montreal. The primary objective of the project was to create an on-going process of archive collection to nourish a “Music Bank” readily available for young music lovers, journalists, researchers, and musicologists.

The uncut versions of the interviews with Fritz Benjamin, Ipharès Blain, Syto Cavé, Albert Chancy, Loubert Chancy, Frantz Courtois, André Desjean, Robert Denis, Philippe Denis, Emerante de Pradines, Viviane Gauthier, Raoul Guillaume, Jean Jean-Pierre, Daniel Larivière, Micheline Laudun Denis, Nikol Levy, Claude Marcelin, Robert Martino, Charles “Ti Blan” Octavius Sina, Fred Paul, Max Piquion, Alzyre Rocourt, Nicole St Victor, Joe Trouillot et Herby Widmaier are available upon request.


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