Sound & light equipment pooling

PAPJAZZ is considered one of the most successful music events in the country, being spread over 8 days, attracting over 20,000 people, hosting more than 40 concerts performed by 35 bands from 13 countries including Haiti. However, after 13 years of activities, the event has yet to find a financial stability. Likewise, “Rencontres des Musiques du Monde” festival, the “Aquin Solidarité festival”, the “festival Mizik St Marc”, or the “Festival Quatre Chemins”, some of the most prominent cultural events in the country have difficulties either maintaining their activities or developing because the production budgets are too high, and the revenues are too low. Understanding that, due to the lack of proper infrastructures in Haiti, one of the major costs in producing live music events is the equipment rental cost, the principals of Haiti Jazz Foundation have solicited grants from the Swiss Embassy in Haiti, USAID and the Caribbean Development Bank, and is in the process of acquiring its own sound and light equipment to benefit the 5 festivals